Ghyslain’s Signature – Gourmet Chocolate


Ghyslain’s Signature hand-painted chocolates feature 12 distinctive chocolates, each one a detailed work of art. Using brilliant colors and featuring unique designs, these individual masterpieces look as incredible as they taste.

In the box:

4-count; 4 randomly chosen signature pieces
6-count; 6 randomly chosen signature pieces
12-count; 1 of each signature piece


Ghyslain’s Signature gourmet chocolates bring a new level of detail to chocolate artistry. Each piece represents a unique vision brought to life in the form of gourmet chocolate. The level of personalization and color featured in Ghyslain’s Signature collection is no accident, each design is crafted to represent a different distinct flavor that is unlike any other you’ll find. Experience fine art in the form of fine chocolate that tastes just as delightful as it looks.

The Process

Each work of art chosen to be included in Ghyslain’s Signature collection is made entirely by hand. Every incredible color, intricate shape and unforgettable flavor is a result of the power of the creative mind and a passion for turning what was once mere fantasy into reality. Because Ghyslain believes fine chocolate should reflect the beauty of everyday life while representing the magic that exists in the imagination. The Signature collection is one that you must see, and taste to truly appreciate.

Pairings & Occasions

No matter the occasion, simply opening a box of Ghyslain’s Signature collection is cause for celebration. Get lost in brilliant shades of color and the magnificent taste of some of our finest recipes made with the most premium of ingredients. Or mesmerize friends and loved ones by presenting them with chocolate that is unlike anything most have ever seen. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to be the perfect choice.