Turtle Mosaique – Gourmet Chocolates


6-Count Box: Ghyslain’s Turtle Mosaique Collection features our hand-painted milk chocolate turtles, made with Ghyslain’s signature caramel and decorated with vibrantly colored pure cocoa butter. Each color represents a different toasted gourmet nut delicately tucked into a shell filled with butter caramel.

Turtle Mosaique Nut Types: Walnut, Almond, Pistachio, Pecan, Macadamia, and Cashew.


The Process

When customers began asking for chocolate turtles, we at Ghyslain knew our turtles had to be different. We started with the hands-on caramel recipe used to perfect our Collection de Caramel assortment. We then hand-placed a toasted nut inside each caramel shell, all hand-decorated with brightly-colored pure cocoa butter. The result? A gorgeous, mouthwatering treat that was one the first of its kind to be molded into the shape of an actual turtle.

Pairings & Occasions

Ghyslain’s homemade chocolate turtles are among our most popular gift-giving items, no matter the occasion. That’s because customers young and old are dazzled by the shape, color and detail of each chocolate turtle. Hand-painted in blue, brown, green, red, white, and yellow, our gourmet chocolate turtles look and taste like nothing else.