Whole Coffee Beans – Rooftop Collection


Whole fresh coffee beans in a variety of roasts. Available in regular, decaf and espresso. Grind your coffee beans fresh before brewing by your favorite method. We highly recommend the French Press (for hot) and Cold Brew (for cold) methods.



Caffe Vecchio Regular Dark Roast Coffee Beans
A deep, rich and full-bodied bean, capturing the allure of Italy’s legendary ago-old coffees.

Columbian Supremo Regular Medium Roast Coffee Beans
South America’s finest gourmet coffee bean. These Arabica beans are grown on high mountain altitudes and produce a rich, mild, satisfying flavor with a full-bodied taste.

Vanilla Hazelnut Regular Coffee Beans
This combination speaks for itself – nutty with the sweetness of Vanilla.

Espresso Coffee Beans
Italian Roast is roasted to the dark color range. It is mellow and sweet with a rich full body and finish.

Avila Decaffe Dark Roast Coffee Beans
The flavor is mild and light-bodied. Roasted to a medium, dark, Avila Decaffe is a rich, full-bodied coffee without the caffeine.

Columbian Decaffe Medium Roast Coffee Beans
100% Columbian beans decaffeinated in the most natural water process.