Frequently Asked Questions

How does warm weather shipping work? What else do I need to know about shipping?

During warm weather conditions, we will take extra precautions, including using innovative cold packaging including Styrofoam cooler boxes & freezer gel packs to keep your chocolates cool, ensuring your chocolates arrive in the best possible condition. When temperatures in the order’s destination city or anywhere along the shipping route reach 70°F, we urge you to select Overnight Shipping.

We ship our retail products using FedEx.  Therefore, we cannot ship to a P.O. Box. If you live in the Continental United States, you can use our online Shopping Cart to place your order.  Place your order by noon to ship out the same day. Orders placed after noon will ship out the following business day. However, because our products are made by hand in small batches, they are subject to inventory availability. 

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How to pronounce Ghyslain:


What are your most popular pieces?

Many people love the Ghyslain Signature chocolates and Turtle Mosaiques because of their beautiful, bright colors, hand-painted finish and overall uniqueness.

What is a truffle? Are all your chocolates truffles?

A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate made with a ganache center and coated in chocolate or cocoa powder. It’s spherical shape, similar to that of the top of a mushroom truffle, is where it gets its name.

Not all of our chocolates are truffles. Our classic truffles and hand rolled truffles are in the shape of a ball with milk, white or dark chocolate coatings, some with decorative chocolate drizzles.

Do the turtle chocolates mean something or represent your company in some way?

No. Ghyslain just has a certain affinity for the little guys.

What is ganache and how do you say it?

Ganache [guh-NOSH] is a filling made with chocolate and cream. It’s the soft center of most of our gourmet chocolates. Ganache is normally made by heating cream, then pouring it over chopped chocolate of any kind. The mixture is stirred or blended until smooth, with liqueurs or extracts added if desired.

How long will your chocolates last and how should they be stored?

We are committed to creating the highest quality chocolates for your enjoyment. Due to the delicate nature of our product, we recommend you store product in a cool, dry place. The proper environment for our chocolates is 65-70° F and low humidity. Storage in a refrigerator is not recommended.

Ghyslain uses fresh cream, fruit purees and flavors to give you a chocolate taste unlike any other. Because of this, we suggest you consume the chocolates within two weeks of purchase. However, if stored properly, chocolates can last up to four weeks. Chocolates not containing ganache (Collection de Caramel, chocolate sculptures & chocolate bars) will last up to six weeks.

To extend the life of your chocolates, they may be stored by tightly wrapping the box with two layers of plastic wrap and placing in freezer. When ready to enjoy, thaw in the refrigerator for 12 hours, followed by an additional 12 hours at 65-70° F.

Are your chocolates gluten-free?

Most of our chocolate is gluten-free. However, chocolate is prepared in the same facility as our bread products. If you are highly sensitive to gluten, this may cause a reaction. Click the “Gluten-free” category in the right column of the Store to see all our gluten-free products.

Do you have any vegan products?

Not at this time.

Do you stand behind your chocolates?

Yes! We wholeheartedly believe in the quality of our chocolates. If you feel you have received inferior quality chocolates or have received a shipment with broken or melted chocolates despite choosing the appropriate shipping method, please contact us.

Can I order specific pieces of chocolates to be put in my box and shipped to me?

Yes. Please contact us to place your custom order by phone.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes. You may purchase a Ghyslain gift card online or stop by our Union City Boutique to purchase your gift card.

Can I include a greeting card with my order?

Yes. Add your message to the “Order Notes” box at checkout and we will hand-write your message in a blank card.

Can I get a brochure or catalog sent to me?

Absolutely! Most of our products have a printed brochure or flavor insert. Please contact us.

What happens with my credit card information once I give it to you?

When you enter your credit card information on our secure checkout page, it is processed immediately by our merchant. At no time is your credit card information visible to anyone other than our merchant, not even Ghyslain employees.

When you give us your credit card information for a telephone order, your payment is processed manually through our merchant and your credit card details are securely destroyed.

Can I order now for shipping at a later date?

Absolutely! You will see this option at checkout.

What shipping method do you use to ship my order?

We ship exclusively with FedEx.

Do you ship your pastries?

Due to the delicate nature of our pastries, we cannot ship them.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. You will receive an email with your order tracking code from FedEx.

Do you ship out of the United States?

Yes, excluding countries which do not allow perishable goods to enter their borders. Contact us for more information.

Allergen Statement

Our products are manufactured in our artisan kitchen on shared equipment that process eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and wheat.  Our products may have trace amounts of these allergens present in them.

We use bright colors with FD&C Lakes and Dyes to achieve the vibrant artisan designs that we are known for. Ingredients and allergens for our products are listed on the packaging. 

We do not recommend purchasing our products for someone who is sensitive to the ingredients we work with.

Return Policy

Our products are hand-crafted in our artisan kitchen and carefully packaged for you to receive and enjoy.  If there is any issue with an order you have received you must notify Ghyslain Chocolatier, Inc. within three days of delivery. 

Please email to address your concerns.  We request that you send pictures of the shipping box and product if items were damaged during shipment. Ghyslain Chocolatier, Inc. considers all sales to be final after three days.

Due to the perishable nature of our products we are unable to accept returns.